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tv   [untitled]    March 26, 2012 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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take a look at the main stories we're covering for you this hour moscow and washington see eye to eye over the role of special envoy mission in syria as a first step towards peace that's been better than obama meets for a final time a. controversial israeli army policy has been criticised calling on soldiers to avoid kidnap with costs even if it means taking that new life out of a crummy. brain drain from the baltic once
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a booming state not be as rampant unemployment scares away its young people. abroad to try to carve out a bit in the country's need to make. the next start to speak to. brussels forum about seeing its overthrow of colonel gadhafi. a candid perspective on the controversial influence events which took place in the. i want the side lines of the grossest four and we're sitting down with mahmoud jibril now he was heading the economic and development plotting body in libya at the time of the rule of colonel moammar gadhafi and who led the uprising against the regime being the interim prime minister of the national transitional council for about seven and a half months i thank you very much mr bill for joining us today and the first question that we'd like to ask at this point today is the civil war really over in
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libya and who is in control at the moment well it was first krypton's so there was not somebody order in libya who was resisting being subject to what we consider the pollution did not start it. we considered the group. when we start talking about development and the issues when we start tackling those issues on equal footing for old people whose katyusha rights then said that that evolution is such that we have to have our national at least as you know good feet has destroyed and libyan army and he has stopped considered with what we called security brigades you know to protect the regime we have to use and establish a police department we have to connect those arms from the streets and we have to prepare the country for elections the next two or three minutes to have
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a transparent elections resulting and put out think a constituent that equalized the rights of all libyans and then i think this bloodshed which took place was worth it but we have been garson which has unanimously declared a federal state the eastern part of the country complications could arise out of this move do you worry that libya is going to follow the iraq or afghanistan at picture first of all it's not pingers it was a group of people in the eastern part of the country when you talk about as you're talking about to set leave more than one million people you know what this was a demonstration of a group of people which is probably something of the three thousand. who are listening. this does not represent the eastern reason. he served reason and. no less than one million eight hundred thousand people. so there was no
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different on them there carried out so we can tell with that people want for their lives more not plus there were used to institutions just days later you know protesting the whole of this rupert federalism which means. is that religion is not live in libya people are still clinched and the unity of the country. considered what took place is an outcry it's a fear of being marginalized again because they've been marginalized for forty two years by the whole and you know libya's branch of the muslim brotherhood they've established our own political party it's called the justice and development party observers who are saying that this is probably because they were encouraged by the words of the stuff abdullah jill in october he said that the islamic law should be the basis of the future legal system of libya that is shari'a law compatible with the democratic principles you'd like to start listing the country. first of all the
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muslim brotherhood of the. political parties to express their points of view i think this is their natural right to do so and they have equal rights as if every other libyans as for mr leader when he express his point of view he has his point of view as an individual and his point of view inflicts only his feeling and his perspective you know but it's not. commanding or it's not this is certainly by in the for the rest of the society why do you consider the victory of the national transitional council and those who thought against the gadhafi regime and that victory play into islamists hands does that bother you. plus wait and see for the elections what the results are going to be i think the libyan case might be a different case from what took place we should turn to means i don't think that.
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islam could prove political groups you know have a strong impact as they do when egypt and tunisia. libya might be an exception in this trend so let us wait and see and i'm not quite confident that the they're going to do as well as they did in egypt and tunisia but what about the al qaeda presence in libya how big of a possibility is it that they will gain a foothold in the country talks here it's actually in the theoretically speaking it in we put a call back you can be felled by anybody in the world and it's a front side saw you know for the same isn't a good or so it's in the interest of the libyans and none libyans you know have a very commanding government there's a term of the government in place as from this process. now looking back at me to
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intervention in hindsight do you think this was inevitable or was it detrimental in that it could have been a mess militarized ending for libya. first of all then total national community intervention because it was not only need to there were none need to remember such as their minutes intervention but the international community was very decisive. our fighters on the ground said the but our favorite you know and you said you were surprised by the fact that when the uprising started there was a lot of concern coming from the international community the western powers those who had backed it and you said it has to do with libya strategic position possibly it's all over just and now they're nowhere to be seen that libya has been abandoned from the very start there were voices that were saying that it's all about the oil perhaps or or strategic importance of libya do you think that maybe it was taken advantage of and i don't think it was because of quote because it was
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a flowing to the west you know we didn't get the fact that there was no interruption of told from who is what i'm saying is that after the regime fell down . most of the western countries fail the mission has been accomplished they neglect the fact that libya is a stateless psyching it's not egypt and start the easier when there is you was done we ended up in a political vacuum at that point we need to reach a step show at a national we need help to lead stop showed police to collect arms of from the street and prepare the country for elections this is their agenda that we need help with unfortunately the kind of assistance provided by potential friends. talk about. the training in jews developing civil society.
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training woman these are faith important things but they are not productive for the time being and do you feel indebted to those afford power those countries that help support your cause well we feel sincere gratitude and appreciation for what they did they helped us tremendously they supplied us with political support with weapons with comic assistance with medicine and the time we were very we were at the mercy of the deaf and killing machine their money listed in their. differently we cannot compare them with the other countries who did not do the same thing but let's talk about it after his death you said is that you regret that it often wasn't kept alive to face trial and that you suspect foul play you also mentioned it in an interview before the past about what you think there are certain powers that may have wanted him silent because there were too many secrets kept do you
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still maintain that same position well what i said is that there are too many parties who have interests the it doesn't talk that he should be silenced for over . whether he was killed by a foreign entity or killed by libyans or libyans or me or from others i really don't know but what i'm saying is that there are many parties who have a real interest that get their feet just keep silent for them and. is it important to them. who for at least for my own curiosity you know oh i would love to know who was behind his killing you know whether it was a libyan or libyan and before he was captured and killed he seemed to have been trying to start negotiations he wasn't given a chance to start those talks when gadhafi was a sneak you know could never be trusted to be. who was trying to buy time he sent
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too many messengers you know one of them was bashar assad was simply fronts you know providing some sense of. what he called win win solution and that he would give up. and that the t.n.c. we. take over for the first and second term his son would kick over so it's in a sense sharing power you know. the. proposal was there was a fuse. but the excuse which we always use was the we have institutions and we have studied the initiative and we have to take over time we consult and we were trying to buy time ourselves preparing for the uprising and typically at the time regarding saif al islam why do you think his life was spared when he was captured versus how his father was killed and i think
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the killing of the of the reaction was. it has a result and then to mimic millionaire get reactions from all around the world and i think the group which captured it safe you know took that into consideration and . they just took into custody as well treated. taken care of i think. will be tried according to. international critelli upsets are you confident that he will face a fair trial and own company and can we have a fifth try let's talk about the arab spring in general what do you think it represents at this point looking at all the countries that have gone through it what does it stand for. the arab spring represents a new phenomenon president in the middle east
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a true presence the beginning of the new culture to measure in the middle east and usually try to express its asking for the dignified us control important contribute you could be one has young people hold out on the world so it's it's a new phenomenon and they call all the countries of the world when leaving the country is the police take note of this move. and they don't fold victims through their own perceptions of the east needing all new with the links the elites of the middle east do not for a prison believe. in the street for their this young generation this union i think if they want to compete in the cold war this sense of the phenomenon they have to come down to the sequin listen to those people you know i don't expect the new middle east to sit down and notice them fifteen twenty years of. mahmoud jibril
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thank you very much for your time thank. wealthy british scientists i. sometimes. find. markets trying to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines cars report. the world to the. sun it's technology innovation all the news developments from
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around russia we've got the future coverage. culture is that so much about the tax payers money and it is a shame if you caught people at area the documentary film that went viral on you tube about uganda's child soldiers and warlord joseph kony has engendered very strong. moscow and washington see eye to eye over the role of special envoy kofi mission in syria as a first step towards peace presence but the obama beat for the final time. controversial israeli army policy as we criticize calling on soldiers to avoid kidnap at all costs and even if it means taking their own life. and brain drain from the baltic i'm so glad that state theatre company scales away its young people and i'm sure to try to cover up and living in
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a country they can call me. a sports update. hello welcome to sport on r t come and see a live from the russian capital with the wrong call spread and here are the headlines. it's all battles as indeed goes seven points clear despise being held by repeating while sports talk crime it's a novel in the moscow darby and dunn g. also with that soul in the russian premier league. so i gather it's earned golds fourteen time major winner tiger woods wins his first p.g.a. tour stages nine hundred twenty three days and makes his way back into the world's top ten. and the seven time grand slam whatever because williams needs three sets to make it super run for all the sony ericsson open in miami. first of
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football where leaders in the st petersburg have gone seven points clear at the top of the russian premier league despite being held one one at home so it's wise for a champions to be in the need got their noses in france after thirty six minutes when it looked like the referee would award them a free kick but play wasn't stopped and alexander cares recalled pass the ball forceable to states a clinic that finished off the move for the opening goal however nelson valdes grabbed the point for real begin with the equaliser just before the hour zinni failed to fully capitalise on second place says god needs at home to look much even on saturday but still remain on course to retain their title. meanwhile sports aka moscow moved to within a points all but salt three with a three one zero rb bits of rivals in the novel there was heavy snow in the capital but it didn't prevent emmanuel and many keep opening for sports from close range after a hot an hour and the nigerian striker was just inches away from doubling their
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needs minutes later but his header landed right in front of the goal line. and was cleared then at xander some mail from that said an unlikely equaliser four do novel after a defensive blip in the design minutes of the first half however the second half turns out to be ed disaster for the hosts of winter signing christian opened his goal to have it for the novel unfortunately it was an own goal to give starts up a two one lead with twenty minutes left and deep into stoppage time any good provided for are in to drive the last nail into not deny mackoff in three one those are gay silk ins men remain in the europa league places. while i have moved within such an existence of vietnam or answer with sunil at home so down to tresco school by the visitors looks to have open late in the first half but the strike was ruled out for offside and then it was all in the second half with the
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old ones on big hour for visiting smen and snowboard pursuit added the second with ten minutes to go to wrap up for the distance side. while there was a nail biting old firms already in scotland on sunday with hosts rangers denying archrivals the chance to win the scottish premier league title at their ground sania lakos individual run lead to the home side opening after eleven minutes celtic though did have their chances but couldn't convert them as more misery was in store chowdhury picking up a straight red cord after half an hour and hoops were reduced to nine men soon after the break they tear of money on my sense of this time such as you andrew let's all double rangers lead midway through the second half and lee wallace made just minutes later rangers also lost the man in the design minutes after carlos bocanegra was shown the third straight red all the afternoon almost rawn hit home late consolation but rangers hung on to win three two and the celtics twenty one
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game unbeaten run however the hoops are still eighteen points clear at the top and would seal that cycle with just one. orbitz or. the gulf now where a fourteen time major winner it's iger woods recorded his first p.g.a. tour victory in two and a half years american finished at thirteen under seventy five forty seven to second tour with just one short of jack nicklaus for second place on the career list tiger woods added eleven under began the day with a one stroke lead over northern ireland's graeme mcdowell woods then increase his leads if the shots over mcdowell with a birdie putt at four six and eight to reach fourteen under the cruise the rest of the way for a five shot win over a mug's out for his first p.g.a. tour win in one hundred twenty three days it marks a return to the top ten for tiger woods as he now sits in sixth place it was also the first time woods played all four rounds on reports since returning from his personal crisis it's once it's
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a masters not that will settle for seconds after courting sue over seventy four poulter matched mcdowell's round at seventy four to take so possession of third place at six under. to tennis now and the sony ericsson open in miami were checked so much burdick was surprisingly knocked out of the third round stage of the tournaments as he lost to a player outside the top one hundred seven seats already six three six six four should rise in bulgarian star greek wards and recorded his first ever over a ten player it too didn't trip two hours and sixty minutes as he just played probably the best form of his life. dimitrov next opponents will be ninth seeded sorry they should be alexander vulnerable in three sets. while seven seed freshman joel fred converted both break point opportunities as he gets all bases to overcome thirty seconds kohlschreiber of germany. sunglass compadres you see more also
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progress to the next round after beating two of his second seed you're going meltzer of the famous. six explore simone's next opponent. and in the women's draw venus williams who's playing her first third and since last august save the nash points and rallied to defeat canada's alexandra those four six six four seven six but her three set with three over third seed petra could be the venus williams would have been hoping for a slightly less taxing third round match against wozniak however the world number sixty five had other ideas as she won the opening set six four but the thirty one year old seven time grand slam winner restored parity by winning the second set six four and in the third it went to a tie break and on the final point williams and the strength to whack a one hundred ninety kilometer per hour service what are venus will play the fifteenth seeded and evanovich off serbia with the key to it's going to see that in
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their third round. now following its opening four games to former world number one evanovich to control the sets and won four consecutive games to take the first sixty two and the second set when so it's a lie breaker which she won easily seven six to book a showdown with being as williams. but fifth seed all inside their advance goal was another one to book a place in the last sixteen after a constable six one six two victory against sylvia so there espinosa spain. finally to sample if you didn't know it's a type of wrestling was originated right here in russia and the sports best fighters have flocked to the russian capital to take port in a major world cup events john greig arounds watch the action. was thirty third edition of the no school summer world cup in honor of one of its founders and it's only her lumpia is just the latest piece of evidence that the sport is in an
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international recognition the twenty eight countries taken part this year was nearly a russian affair the clarity of somebody is now slowly spreading beyond the boundaries of the full whistle get more places like the steelers easily in france to name just a few becoming a regular participants of the world cup events well that's right isn't it isabella . sense of somebody in that one day their favorite martial arts will become a fully fledged olympic sport however the president of the russian and european federations admits that despite a growing or potations the sport is still some distance from making it to some against it the new novel isn't a matter of one or two years there are certain difficulties in these protests but i am absolutely sure that samba fully deserves to become a part of a lead that can go into some ways divided into two distant lands one a sport that somewhat limits their fighters and moves and there are other combis
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which is defense favorite solo and much more contact be under sixty to kill a sports plus or russia's john f. get the better of us to tear of kyrgyzstan but the champion admitted that the final itself wasn't the hardest part was visible i think i was better prepared tactically for this fight than my opponent that's why everything went right for me and in the earlier stages some of the ballots were even harder than this one. under ninety keillor title was contested by two russians victor as a pancake and under a good serve with a subpoena to claim in victory just before the clock ran out. while alexander had that call bellerose became the first known russian to celebrate victory on the opening day as he overpower. stammer slowness in behavior way division. on the woman said russia's seven time world champion to planet and field to our
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smart young humor in economy and the under seventy two k. class. well the eighty kilos final became the main event of the day with eleven time world champion arena origen are taking on american or courts or kelly the whole theory to comfortably defeated the new yorker on points was and she's never easy to win a total once and i would say that she hold from year to year it's always a challenge i give her a lot of respect i mean she's the girl that you know everyone came here to be as she got a lot of experience and you know she's a legend there's no real way to know so. that's not good and maybe it's. the host dominated the opening day and the one nine golds out of the ten on all four in the sports summer discipline j two of the competition however will finish a full context comets and those familiar with the last emperor of mixed martial
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arts further elian and probably know just how intense it could get that's only going to be on so no school r.t. . i'll see you in less than a couple of hours from now meanwhile you can race and comment on some of the stories seen here on our you tube channel at our team sport news thanks for watching.
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well for the. sleep it's technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future of coverage. something for you what is happening on the streets now is the after party for a while.


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